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Below info describes the equipment necessary in order to conduct a race. It was adapted from the AMRCA, FEMA and TRCAA Rule Books with some modification. While many points are mandatory, some are just suggestions and alternative methods may be found to yield satisfactory results.


Track size  

Races must be conducted on a round flat track where the car is retained by a cable attached to a centre post which is secured in the track centre. The following are established track sizes. However, it is recommended that a 19.9 metre diameter track be the standard for all new construction.


70.00 foot diameter - 6 laps / 1/4 mile.

19.9 metres diameter - 8 laps / 500 metres (preferred size).


The track should have a minimum width of 0.35m. Inside this must be an apron with a recommended minimum width of 1.0m. In the centre of the track must be a horsing area with a recommended minimum diameter of 3m.


Centre post

The centre post must be solid steel, securely anchored and have a ball race mounted connector for the cable attachment. The centre post must be provided with a horser platform, which has a diameter of between 300 and 500 mm. The vertical distance between the cable connection and the running surface of the track must be 0 mm + 5¬ mm. The dimension between the centre of the centre post and the centre of the cable connection hole must be 150 mm.



For WMCR races, spring steel wire to DIN 17223 Part 1 Grade D, 1984, or equivalent shall be used. The wire used shall be smooth bare steel without any indication of rust or corrosion markings. The minimum tensile strength of a straight cable in accordance with DIN 17223, is calculated using the formula:- Rm = 2220 - (820 x log d) Newtons/mm2, where the logarithm is to base 10 and d is the minus tolerance diameter of the cable, eg. a 1mm. cable is manufactured to a tolerance of + 0.015mm. The cable diameter "d" used in the Rm formulae is 1 minus 0.015 ie. 0.985mm.


Timing system

The timing of WMCR races must be performed with two reliable and independent systems. One of the systems must be electronic and show the laps and be capable of measurement to within 1/1000 seconds. The second system may be a stop watch capable of measurement to within 1/100 second. Time measured this way can only be for checking and for safety purposes in case the electronic system fails. Speed measured with a stop watch can never be accepted as a record. The timing systems must both be activated simultaneously as soon as the signal is given by the driver. The timing must not commence until the car has completed 3 laps after horsing. After the timed run, the driver must have a visual or acoustic signal from the timer advising him to stop the car. The driver must be notified of the result of his run before he leaves the track and the timing system must not be zeroed until the driver indicates his acceptance and / or vacates the track. For the records, the measured time in 1/1000 seconds and the speed in kmh / mph to 3 decimal places shall be recorded in the results book.

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