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The origins of the discipline dates back to 1948. In Poland it started to develop since 1958. The first national contest was held on the 21st August 1960. The competition was held in Poznan, on the first such track in Poland.


The rules of this discipline, are based on the technical regulations of the European Federation of Car Modellers FEMA (Federation Europeenne du Modelisme Automobile), of which Poland has been a member since 1960.


In the 70’s the interest in this sport, has decreased rapidly. Difficulties in obtaining the necessary equipment and the costs involved, as well as the withdrawal of staff from international competition, led to a growing decline. But despite all, Polish Championship has not been withdrawn, treating this event as a central pillar, supporting the interest of young people.


After the decision of the Central Commission for modelling from April 1995 concerning the abandonment of continued adherence to FEMA the conditions for organizing this event would seemed to have disappear.


But thanks to the involvement of known modellers and activists: Bogdan Grabowski, Wojciech Slota, Edmund Szaraczewski, Piotr Jopek from Torun, have been able to overcome the difficulties and are still able to practice the art of modelling sport. They were assisted by: Jan Kurek from Poznan, Jerzy Zielinski from Bydgoszcz, Miroslaw Horla from Swarzedz, Zbigniew Cholewczynski from Grudziadz, Augustyn Wegera and Marek Fechner from Pila.


Thus they are still members of FEMA, and can organize competitions in Poland as well as take part in international events.

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